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Defense dollars were needed for other projects including the development of American ICBMs and potential missile defenses and to fund the rapidly growing war in Vietnam. The Nike system would have been utilized in the event that the Air Force's long-range fighter-interceptor aircraft had failed to destroy any attacking bombers at a greater distance from their intended targets.

And the codes that authorized the base to fire its missiles were kept in a safe with two combinations, one kept by a captain from the radar area and the other by a technician from the launch area.

The Ajax, the first generation of the Nike missile, could fly 1, miles per hour, reached altitudes of 70, feet and had a conventional warhead and a range of about 25 miles. Boy Scout troops were given rides on the elevators that hoisted the missiles above ground and it was not uncommon to see an Ajax missile in a July 4th parade.

The Hercules could also be equipped with a powerful, high-explosive, fragmentation-type warhead designated "T". But speed dating albany ny, a quarter century since the last base was closed, there are hopes that the missile site at Rocky Point can be placed on the National Register of Historic Places and someday turned into a cold war museum.

The main advantage over conventional anti-aircraft artillery was that the Nike missile could be continuously guided to intercept an aircraft, in spite of any evasive actions taken by its pilot.

Duringall remaining sites within the nationwide Nike air defense system were inactivated. The improved radar capabilities and other advanced electronic features of the Improved Hercules system made it more effective against small supersonic targets including aircraft, aircraft launched "stand-off" missiles, and tactical ballistic missiles.


Although no longer in the U. One of the nation's most significant Cold War air defense programs had come to an end. He recalled that during the blackout that darkened most of the Northeast, he and his men feared the worst when in addition to being plunged into darkness, one of their sentry dogs suddenly turned up dead.

But in all the years that missiles were kept on Long Island, the men who worked on the bases said they never really felt a serious threat to the area or thought that they might actually have to fire the missiles. Other bases were built in the city, in Westchester and Rockland counties and in northern New Jersey.

Its range was only about 25 miles, which was too short to make it a truly effective air defense weapon in the eyes of its many detractors. Originally designated as "Nike B", the Nike "Hercules" -- as this missile was later known -- was a far more capable missile than its predecessor the Nike Ajax in nearly every way.

An relatively unknown fact is that the Hercules missile could also be used in a surface-to-surface mode. However, much real estate needed to be acquired in order to construct sufficient bases to provide an adequate defense.

We never really knew why it was there. Control areas were generally located between the area being defended and the launcher area containing the missiles. Accordingly, beginning in the mid s, the total number of operational Nike bases within the continental U.

The family housing area remains intact with the homes occupied by new, non-army, residents. The Hercules missile looked like and was operated like the Ajax, but it could fly faster, higher and farther.Mar 02,  · fallout shelter nyc is an attempt to find and centralize the atomic history of the nyc area and the eastern suburbs of long island ny and the nuclear genie that begged to be let loose and its atomic masters the us nuclear forces - declassified-desanitized- archival film footage,pictures,stories from the cold war telling the story of a war that was anything but cold-the civil defense, the.

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